7 fixings….


Then carb is shimmed, I have to fab a couple of engine braces to hold the dang thing and stop then movement…..


Nash’s Ride

image– G – getting the MO-Pro camera mount on Nash. The footage of Nash ripping the shit out of his Flat-Reed is really awesome. I’ll link up to it when it lands on – G -‘s YouTube channel.

Bidding goodbye to the “7”

Moby - A357

Moby 7 - A357

Hoping to see this bike brought to completion by the next owner. They are gonna get the “Luck 7” project frame along with this gem.

So Long Lucky

102-SP Tuning Setup

Parmakit 50cc Peugeot 102 Piston Port
I changed the stock port map just a bit. Widened the exhaust by 1mm per side raised the exhaust port by 1.5mm. I lowered the intake port 1mm with about .5mm lost to reshaping per side. The piston was also modified by taking 5mm from the intake side skirt and opening the transfer windows.

Intake and Carburetor:
The intake is 18.5mm diameter (made from handle bars) with a base plate modified for the alternate stud holes I put in the cylinder. The Carb is a PBHG 19mm BS currently jetted at 77 on the main w-9 needle, 42 idle

3Balls installed in the clutch, 3 spider springs, weights are matched at 13.6 grams per side.

1.8mm BTDC


Engine Spring:

All in all, almost happy with this setup. My cylinder temps creep up above 400 when I’m WOT climbing hills (which it does do well) but hover around 390 when under normal load (including WOT flatland blasting) it’s just the gearing that I think is holding me back at the moment. 36mph is not where I want to be holding steady but, for the only variated 102 out there I’ll take it. Hopefully this is only to be a rung on the ladder t, 50/50 102  is what I want!

Attrition Rate

You know over the past couple of months I have seen MMP members starting to give into their wander lust and depart the great metropolitan area of Columbia, MO. Scattering to the four winds as so much dandelions on a spring breeze. Some leaving in a great sense of urgency with planned purpose of escape, others just married to the idea of trying and hoping on satisfying that lustful yearn.

It’s saddening as they get ready to depart but, I know from my own personal experience when the time is right to press lifes reset button, you hit it with everything you’ve got and hope for the best.

Safe journey my friends, you will be missed…..

Rally Ready…. Almost

The 102 is ripping hard! Most of the bugs have been identified and worked out as well.

With the weather that we have had as of late I have been able to get a couple of test rides in with the MMP crew, blasting through the back roads in Columbia, MO. I had a couple of issues pop up that needed to be addressed; cracked engine mount, float level issues with fuel delivery and gearing.

The engine surprisingly, makes quite a bit of torque with my modified stock var setup. While finding the crack was a bummer for sure, hindsight reveals I really should have added bracing earlier.

Getting the fuel system worked out well, I made a couple of miscalculations when i was mocking  up the engine. The intake angle was too obtuse and, all together too long. The fix was simple, remake the damn thing with a more acute angle and shorter overall length! problem solved

The gearing is starting to drive me a little nutzoid. I modified a 50-tooth bat sprocket to fit the 102 (81mm) rear wheel hoping to try and compensate for non-existent the 11-56 stock 103 gearing. While I am now 11-50 it still feels tall to me when I’m riding. I can feel it try to rev into the pipe and just fall a little short every time… I am going to try and source a 10-tooth front sprocket and see if the 5:1 ration is a little closer to the mark for the top-end I think this project should have.

The plan was to have this at Whiskey Business this year as kinda an unveiling of sorts, guess it will just have to make some other rally before the MMP4 shindig this august as the divorce is killing me financially.




such a rad pipe on a cool little ped